• The Christian Assembly Trust's goal is to serve God by sharing His message and exemplifying His love for everyone. They think that as everyone is a child of God, they should all be treated with respect and care.

  • The Christian Assembly Trust seeks to enhance people's faith by bringing them closer to God via their numerous programmes and activities. To provide a venue for people to gather together and learn about God's love and teachings, they arrange crusades, conferences, and camps. To support people in developing a closer relationship with God, they also provide tools including Bible studies, devotionals, and prayer groups.

  • Serving God with all of one's heart, mind, and soul is the overall goal of the Christian Assembly Trust. They make an effort to seek God's will in whatever they do and to faithfully manage the opportunities and resources He has given them.

For over fifty years, the Christian Assembly Trust has been doing God's work and spreading His word. This charity has an important impact on communities around the world, with a team of over 40 godly servants.

The organisation has encountered numerous difficulties along the way, but they have always looked to their faith for direction. Natural calamities, political upheaval, and financial crises have all occurred, yet they have always managed to carry out their duty.

The members of the Christian Assembly Trust are appreciative of everything God has accomplished through them as they reflect on their journey. They take great pride in the communities and lives they have impacted. They are aware that their task is not finished, and they intend to continue serving God for a very long time.